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VA Homebuyer

VA Loans are a great lending option for those who have honorably served our Country. If you’d like to get pre-approved and utilize the VA Benefits that you’ve earned you can apply below.

Typical Documents Needed For a VA Loan

Our application along with the following typical documents will help me run an accurate pre-approval for you:

If you have an available copy of your Certificate of Eligibility

You can apply for your Certificate of Eligibility instantly through the VA eBenefits page

What documents will you need to get your Certificate of Eligibility?

Two years most recent Federal Tax Returns

If you are Self Employed, a copy of your Business Tax Returns for the most recent 2 years

Two years most current W-2’s for all jobs worked

If you are Self Employed, or a Contract Employee – a copy of your K-1’s or 1099’s, if applicable

Your Most recent 30 days Paystubs

Your Most recent 2 months Bank Statements, all pages – no screenshots

A legible copy of your Driver's License or Government Issued ID

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